The People in Charge.....

Unmatched by most local Chinese freight forwarders
is the kind of people who lead our team. This is one
of the important reasons why our customers have
chosen our services and decided to stay with our
company.  The unique industry and professional
background of our managing team include

Highly Educated both in China and USA

No English Language Barrier

Timeliness and Reliability

Years of Living / Work Experience in the US and Canada
Need a good
agent and
associate in

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Shipping Operation

Our top shipping operation executive
came from a leading international carrier
where she was a sales team leader and
gained her industry and shipping
expertise. Since late 1990's, she has
been running a successful private freight
forwarding business.  Many of our
customers have benefited from her
industry expertise especially when they
have urgent shipping needs under some
difficult market conditions.
Our strategy and management executive
spent seven years as a senior manager at
one of the world’s  largest professional
service companies.  His clients included
some of the biggest Chinese companies
and foreign multinationals. This has
allowed our company to have a
management and communication system
that reduce shipment handling mistakes
and provide good services.
Management Team